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True-GREEN All Purpose Cleaner – Scented APC (4 Gallon case)


Scented All Purpose Cleaner
Eco Safe Ingredients
Renewable Resource Based


The fresh scented All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate – True-GREEN

True-GREEN was born on a Bus

Custom made to clean filthy and foul smelling public transit bus interiors, we built a scented All Purpose Cleaner that has what it takes to clean the random collection of dirt and grime on city buses; imagine what it can do for you!

Eco Friendly

Built using fully biodegradable and eco safe materials, SF All Purpose Cleaner has eco and worker safety in mind.  Please read the True-GREEN APC SDS for more information.


With a general usage rate of 10:1, True-GREEN All Purpose Cleaner can be decreased in strength for light duty dust wiping, or increased to get grime and other contaminants off of surfaces.  It is an easy way to maintain a cleaning budget.

Product Features/Benefits

  • Eco safe ingredients – Biodegradable, Non-phosphate, Low VOC
  • Based on Renewable Resources
  • Concentrated – for maximum savings

Product Application Details

True-GREEN All Purpose Cleaner works fast on all types of surfaces.  Plastic, metal, and virtually any other hard surface. Works on desks, chairs, floors, windows, counter tops, and many other common items you might find.

True-GREEN APC can be adjusted in concentration to match the needs of the job as you need it.

With a strong but nice smelling “early morning” fragrance, this fresh scented All Purpose Cleaner has proven to be a great way to leave a pleasing after-scent when you are done with the job.

KP1H - 5 Product Dilution SystemKeep your SF APC diluted correctly with the KP1H Complete Proportion Control Device

Learn how to calculate ratios and dilution rates for your products at our Dilution guide page.


Are you a large volume user?

True-GREEN All Purpose Cleaner is also available in 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 55 gallon, and 275 gallon quantities. We also provide volume discounts for orders over 36 cases. Contact us for a custom quote based on your needs today!

Have any questions?

We are always happy to help. Contact us today for more information about SF the scented all purpose cleaner, or how to use it!

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 in
Usage Directions

Mix with with water only.

For spray and wipe cleaning
Dilute 13:1 (9oz True-GREEN APC per gallon)

For mop on application
Dilute 13:1 (9oz True-GREEN APC per gallon)

For heavy grease and kitchen soil
Dilute 4:1 (25oz True-GREEN APC per gallon)

Usage rates are general guidelines only. Your application may vary.

Always test product in an inconspicuous area to determine compatibility.

Safety Data Sheet

Click here to download MSDS for GREEN-Polish

Tech Data

Non-certified Green Formulation
What is a Non-certified Green Formulation?

This means that this chemical has been built using the EPA's Safer Choice Standards chemical formulation framework for Green Cleaning Chemicals. Using this framework, as well as chemical recommendations by CleanGredients eco-friendly ingredients database, we strive to create the highest safety profiles for the environment and for workers. Although this product has not undergone the rigorous evaluation process to receive certification, we do strive to achieve the highest level of Green to the best of our ability.

Unit size: 1 case (4×1 gallon) HDPE containers with handle
Code: PRO1355
Color: Bright Green
Scent: Early Morning fresh scent
pH: 7-8
VOC content: 5.3g/L (fragrance oils)
Solubility in Water: Complete.

Personal Protective Equipment Rating: B
Splash goggles and gloves


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