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Publications and Blogs for In-house or Contract Cleaning Professionals

The Professional Cleaning Industry’s Online Resource
The information resource for the cleaning industry.

ISSA › The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association
The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association

Services Magazine: Janitorial, Commercial Cleaning
The magazine for the Building Service Contracting Industry

The CleanZine
Cleanzine: your weekly cleaning and hygiene industry news


Miscellaneous information on going or staying Green

Getting Started with Green Living
Living green and sustainably means creating a lifestyle that works with Nature, instead of against it, and does no long-term or irreversible damage to any part of the environmental web.

Shopping Green for Your Pet
Before you hit the stores in search of products for your pet, make sure you know what to look for. Green pet products are out there, but you’re going to have to do a little digging to find what you want. Here are some guidelines to help you shop smart for pet products.

Guide to Green Parenting
Being a green parent encompasses a lifestyle of making healthy choices that are often organic, natural, and low in environmental toxins. Although it might feel overwhelming, it can be simple.

Finding and Organizing Green Storage
Why is it important to find green storage options? Is “going green” really all that important? A closer look at disappearing natural resources will show that yes, it is. Here are some reasons why.

Guide to Green Modifications for the Home
As you consider ways to improve, update and upgrade your home, it’s also important to consider the environmental impact of those choices you are making. Here are some “green” changes you can make to your home, and a look at how much you can save and what return on investment they may bring.

Green Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators
Are your students aware of the environment and their impact on it? This can be a challenging topic to cover in a positive way, but with the right resources, you can lay the foundation for a lifetime of living in a “green” way. Whether you’re prepping for Earth Day activities or just want to have a little bit of an environmental focus to your classroom, these activities will get you started.