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How to Damp Mop Floors

How to damp mop a hard floor

  • Purpose: Maintain the appearance of hard floor surfaces.
    •   When to use: Weekly as part of regular maintenance schedule (your application may differ).
    • Where to use: Lobbies, malls, offices and other similar locations. Procedure is aimed at hard surface flooring include tile, VCT and terrazzo. This guide is based on flooring with wax/sealer top coats.
  • Checklist
    • Dust mop, dust pan, and brush
    • Loop-end Banded Mop, mop bucket and wringer
    •  Janitorial scraper or putty knife
    • Neutral floor soap, like Neutra-Green
    • Broom-handle Squeegee
    • Wet floor (hazard) signs
    • Towels or wipes
  •   Preparation
    • Set up a perimeter for your work area, placing Wet floor (hazard) signs at edges.
    • 12. Move furniture outside of cleaning area, using caution not to damage pieces or obstruct traffic.
    • 13. Apply your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Check your cleaning chemicals or tools Tech Data or Material Safety Data Sheets for more information.
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  • 14. Remove dust and debris
    • A good damp mopping begins by removing all large debris with your brush and dust pan
    • 15. A good damp mopping is made much easier by removing any surface dust which would otherwise accumulate in your mop solution
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  • 16. Apply Cleaning Solution
    • Place cleaning solution (used as directed, Neutra-Green is diluted 4oz/gallon) into mop bucket
    • 17. Place mop into bucket, and wring until damp
    • 18. Mop lengthwise across area next to walls (do not mop baseboards)
    • 19. Turn mop over when end is reached, and flip mop over to clean next section
    • 20. Rinse mop frequently
    • 21. If baseboard comes into contact with cleaning solution, wipe off immediately to prevent water damage.
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  • 22. Pro-Tips
    • Use figure 8 mop movements when end of walls are reached
    • 23. Change cleaning solution frequently. Dirty solution carries dirt onto the rest of your cleaning job.
    • 24. Stubborn spots may require cleaning with a scrub-pad (you can use the heel of the mop on top of it for more pressure). If scrub this technique is not enough, you can try a mild degreaser (like EZ-Green). Deep spots may require a more aggresive approach, this guide will not cover that information.
    • 25. Gum and other sticky stuff can be removed with the janitorial scraper, putty knife or similar device. Use caution not to attack the finish of the floor.
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  • 26. Job Completion
    • Allow floor to dry completely, then collect all equipment and remove Wet floor (hazard signs)
    • 27. Move any furniture back into place
    • 28. Wash mops, buckets, wringers and any other equipment used for the process
    • 29. Hang mop out to dry
    • 30. Lastly, wash your hands!
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