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How to clean mirrors

Mirror cleaning for professionals

Cleaning mirrors is probably one of the simplest jobs encountered in the janitorial cleaning profession. The right tools, chemical, and technique will yield streak-free clean results in a matter of seconds (depending on the size of the mirror, of course).

You don’t want to mess up an easy operation, and using glass cleaners based on home-style vinegar cleaners claiming to be “green” will not only lend to poor results, but also make your results smell funny and pose a danger because vinegar is acetic acid, not exactly as friendly as water.

What you need for sparkling, streak free results:

Most interior mirrors will require these items to do a spectacular job. Some interior mirrors, and perhaps exterior mirrors may require additional cleaning chemicals such as scale remover or all purpose cleaner depending on the level and type of contamination.

Of course, like any job, you must be ready to adapt for any changes you come across. This type of cleaning operation can also fall under a larger project on a checklist.

Be sure to have your glass cleaning solution diluted if you are using a concentrate, and fill your spray bottles based upon your survey of the job to be done. You may need to bring extra glass cleaning solution mixture with you depending on the size of the job.

Steps for success:

  1. Spray (or if your squeegee has a sponge) the glass cleaning solution onto the glass surface of the mirror.
  2. Squeegee off solution in horizontal (sideways) motions, allowing the excess fluid to drip to the side of the squeegee, towards the ground. A good choice is also to collect excess fluid onto your clean rag to prevent splashing or spraying onto surfaces or people nearby. Some people opt to use a rag to wipe, however we recommend a squeegee for speed and efficiency.
  3. If you have any horizontal streaking, you can wipe those off with your clean rags.
  4. Inspect job for clean, streak free results. Areas with excess grime or residues may require treatment after your initial cleaning, so be prepared to do the job again. Your clients will thank you.

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