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How to clean a restroom

Clean restrooms are easy

These are general guidelines for most restroom facility cleaning operations. Different environments may require adjustment in the procedures or materials required, so be prepared to adapt for any changes you may encounter.

Survey the situation

Do an area analysis and piece count to know exactly how many toilets, mirrors, stalls, urinals, or other items you will be dealing with. This can help you identify quantities of supplies you will need to have on hand to clean and restock. You don’t want to show up ready to clean 4 facilities, only to found out there are 7.

Once you have done your survey, you can decide what products to stock, safety equipment to bring along, and which chemicals to mix, dilute or otherwise prepare for the job. This is also a good time to prepare a checklist for quality control.

When you begin your restroom cleaning job, place caution or warning signs in front of the area being serviced. Apply proper protective gear based upon your cleaning chemical requirements. Also apply any protective gear for the possibility of bio-hazardous waste matter being present in toilet and sink areas. Be sure that you have your QC checklist available, marking off each step after completion. Many will appreciate this touch from their janitorial professional.

Steps for success:

  1. Apply germicidal cleaner to toilets, sinks, urinals, stalls, and any other point where people may contact frequently. Let dwell for at least minimum contact time, based on manufacturers directions.
  2. While waiting for germicidal activity to occur, restock supplies such as paper and soap dispensers.
  3. Rinse/wipe off germicidal cleaner.
  4. Dust or damp wipe any surfaces above eye level, as well as any vents present. These can be particularly good at hiding dirt and filthy dust.
  5. Apply a bathroom-specific cleaner in order to remove any water spray or soap scum residue. Allow at least minimum dwell time for maximum brightening action. Bathroom cleaning chemicals can also be applied to any brightwork (chrome or metal) or glass which may have excess water staining as well. Faucets with irregular flow patterns can also be dipped or soaked in cleaner to remove lime buildup and spray better.
  6. While waiting for bathroom cleaning agent to work it’s magic, now would be a good time to clean up any extra trash on the floor, and then replace garbage receptacle liners.
  7. Rinse/wipe off bathroom cleaning chemical.
  8. Apply glass cleaner to any mirrors or glass surfaces, and squeegee or wipe off as per manufacturers recommendations.
  9. Dust mop or sweep the floor, and then apply proper floor cleaning solution based on floor type. Most bathrooms can be cleaned with a simple damp mop technique.
  10. Allow all surfaces to air dry, or towel dry if time is of the essence.
  11. Inspect job to ensure that all areas have been adequately treated and offer the best presentation possible.
  12. Collect all of your materials, tools, and trash. Remove safety/warning signs.

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