Do I need an All Purpose Cleaner or a Degreaser?

Degreaser or All Purpose Cleaner?

Degreaser or All Purpose Cleaner?

Some applications will call for an APC, some for a degreaser, and still others for a combination of the two.


No matter what job you’re tackling, it helps to have the right tools. That’s certainly true of large-scale cleaning projects, whether it’s the maintenance of an industrial facility, a classroom, an office space, or even a fleet of vehicles. Having the right cleaning products ensures not just that the job is done well, but that it’s done as thoroughly and as efficiently as possible.

With that said, distinguishing between different types of cleaning products can be easier said than done. A good example of this is the All Purpose Cleaner (APC) versus the heavy-duty Degreaser. Which one of these products do you need for your industrial or commercial application—or do you need to invest in them both?


The answer, of course, will vary. Some applications will call for an APC, some for a degreaser, and still others for a combination of the two. To ensure a smart purchase, it may be helpful to review some of the specifics of each product type.

Here’s the birds-eye view: An APC is the gentler of the two. For work on surfaces that are delicate, or perhaps that are painted, an APC is going to be milder and safer to use. Some of the common scenarios for this cleaning agent include use in cleaning company kitchens and eating areas; cleaning bathrooms; or cleaning any dusty or lightly soiled surface. Note, in scientific terms, that an APC is close to neutral in its pH level, meaning it’s not particularly acidic—unlikely to do any kind of harm to the surface it’s applied to.

The degreaser is by its very nature more aggressive, more abrasive; it’s generally something that’s recommended for industrial applications, as well as for fleet maintenance—scenarios where you’re not worried about delicacy so much as just getting the job done thoroughly. The degreaser is what you use for heavily soiled areas that cannot be cleaned with an APC.  A degreaser, while higher on the pH scale, can still be safe and effective for spot degreasing or even for use in conjunction with a pressure washer or a steam cleaner.


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