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7 waxed floor cleaning tips and ideas

Waxed Floor

It’s not hard to maintain a waxed floor coating to enhance its shine, and preserve its beautiful appearance. But using the wrong devices and products can make your day much longer. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the best results, and keep your clients happy.

Tip 1: Only use neutral floor cleaners designed for waxed floor care.

Generally, floor wax polymers are sensitive to strong chemistry such as non-neutral pH or solvents. Make sure that your floor cleaner is designed to be safe on floor waxes, or else you could be doing the wax stripping and application process over again.

Tip 2: Use wax-safe floor disinfectants.

If your clients prefer to have a floor disinfectant applied during the cleaning process, ensure that your cleaner is safe for floor wax. It’s not fun to apply a disinfectant, and then find out that you have to do a complete floor wax overhaul. You might get fired from the job. A quick check on the disinfectant tech specs will save you the trouble.

Tip 3: Regular spray buffing with a powered burnishing machine.

We highly recommend investing in a burnishing machine to achieve professional looking results. Not only that, the job will be completed in less time, with considerably less effort. If you haven’t got one already, get one.

Tip 4: Use the right burnishing pads

Your floor wax manufacturer should provide a recommendation on which type of floor pad to use for proper burnishing. This will ensure that the wax is heated correctly to provide the best gloss, without deteriorating or leaving swirl marks. Pad material, density, burnisher-power and RPM speed range are what you will need to know.

Tip 5: Periodically re-build the finish foundation.

If your waxed floors encounter heavy traffic, your finish may be dulled.  You may not need to completely reapply the finish, however.  A quick cleaning and a new coat of wax might be all that is necessary to produce a bright gloss without having to do a complete overhaul.

Tip 6: Properly clean all equipment after use.

Proper care of your cleaning equipment, including brushes and pads, will help to keep costs controlled for a longer period of time. It is very important also to keep these items clean for the next job, and on top of that, you will look like the professional you are.

Tip 7: Embrace microfiber

Whenever possible use microfiber materials to enhance cleaning by picking up larger amounts of dirt, debris and liquids.  Low abrasion means they are safe on waxed floors.  In addition, due to it’s absorbency you will improve Indoor Air Quality.

Waxed floors are easy to see, so people notice them fast.  Treat your waxed floors right.

The techniques for waxed floor cleaning are just as important as the right tools for the job.  It’s also what makes your clients call you back.


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