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7 Tips for employee training

7 tips for employee training

Why use this: Keep your employees and clients safe.  Employee training is mandatory for success!

Purpose: Ensure that your new Janitorial employees maintain a level of professionalism that represents your company to your standards.

When to use: Whenever a new employee is hired, a process changed, or new equipment/products introduced.

Keep your level of quality cleaning results
Keep product and labor costs controlled
Keep insurance and liability costs controlled
Keep your clients satisfied


Tip 1
Ensure that your employees retain the information you give them. If you give a boring lecture on a product’s usage, or a cleaning method, you can’t expect your employee to learn much. This may be hard to do (you probably aren’t a professional educator), but you can make the topic more interesting by involving them in the process. This is also a good way to get a feel for what they know about a particular subject.

Tip 2
Tell, Show, Do, Practice, and Review Tell: Give an overview of the topic, as well as a description of why it’s important Show: Describe what you are going to do, demonstrate and then check for questions .
Do: Have them perform the activity with you, guiding them and examining their technique and understanding
Practice: Now they can perform the activity on their own, demonstrating their newly learned ability and build their confidence.
Review: Summarize the project in terms of the concept, their level of understanding (including anything they need to work on) and what else can be expected in the future (possible problems they may encounter).

Tip 3
Create metrics for evaluation If you haven’t done so already, create metrics to examine important facets of employee management such as:
Product usage rates
Average cleaning time
Accident rates
These metrics in particular can be useful to measure the efficacy of your training methods. The better your training, the better your rates, the better your company’s success.

Tip 4
Keep your employees involved Good eye contact, active participation and question asking are good ways to make sure that your trainees are involved. If they aren’t demonstrating these traits (or you aren’t for that matter), you are taking a chance that your efforts are going to be wasted. It can also help determine that your communications are effective, particularly if your employees speak another language as their primary language.

Tip 5
Give comprehensive training Some people only give training for equipment or cleaning products. This is short-sighted, and does not address the employee’s knowledge of safety procedures, general cleaning procedures, or clean up procedures. You may not have a problem if you are on the same crew as your employees. But if you are not going to be present with these trainees, you take the chance of poor overall performance, leading to losing future job contracts due to improper training. Make sure your employees are trained from beginning to end in the way you want things done, just as if you were there.

Tip 6
Listen to your employees: Always be willing to learn new ideas. Sometimes your trainee may have a technique that is superior to your own. Do not be stubborn or prideful, but listen with a genuine interest in achieving the best results. At the very least, listen to them and let them know you will test out their idea at an appropriate time after the training session is over.

Tip 7
Be prepared for resistance Just like school, you will encounter a wide variety of personalities, habits, ideas, and attitudes. As a trainer, you must be prepared to deal with these types of challenges in a positive way. Training yourself in teaching techniques is not a bad idea, so if you have some free time study up on the internet, books, or any other source you can find. Your company’s overall success hinges on your overall ability to communicate your ideas.

Final notes
Properly trained employees will make or break the reputation and success of your company. This task rests solely upon your ”mental shoulders”. So make sure you work out your brain often, keep it fit, and you will reap the rewards in the end.  Check out more guides, products and information for pro-level cleaning.