7 proper hand washing tips

7 proper hand washing tips

Proper Hand washing Technique

Washing hands after after cleaning up an area is critical – before you eat or in general to help prevent the spread of disease causing microorganisms.


You might wash frequently, but are you cleaning correctly? Here are a few quick tips to make sure that your efforts aren’t wasted.

1) Rinse hands with warm water.

Warm water is more active, chemically speaking, and will help remove germs faster, as well as enable your soap to work more effectively.

2) Apply Soap.

Most soaps are effective at removing disease causing germs. Studies indicate that a plain hand washing soap is just as effective as a fancy-pants germicidal anti-bacterial cleaning soap when it comes to hand washing. In fact, germicidal hand soaps used in a non-health care environment can actually contribute to the prolifteration of superbugs such as MRSA and VRE according to CDC studies.

3) Wash for 20 seconds.

Most sources cite 15-20 seconds as the magic number for ensuring a proper level of soap activation and germ removal in the hand washing process.

4) Wash under fingernails.

This part is important as the dirt and junk trapped under your nails can also contain microbes.

5) Rinse well with warm water.

A thorough rinse will help to remove the emulsified germs, dirt, and other funk you may have accumulated during your activities.

6) Dry hands.

Air dry or paper towel dry your hands after washing, as this well help prevent cross contamination versus regular towel drying (or using your clothes as a towel).

7) Repeat before you eat!

Just because you never know what your hands will pick up before they put food in your system. Keep your good day from turning bad.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Skip these steps however, and you might just make your job a whole lot tougher! Don’t learn the hard way!


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